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Full bodied dry red wine with hints of licorice, white peach and cinnamon.


$11.00 / btle "Seasonal"



This wine finishes with a crisp, clean aftertaste similiar to chablis. Goes well with chicken, fish and pork dishes.

$15.00 / btle "Seasonal"


Cabernet Franc

A well rounded, robust Franc with a good balance of tannins and a finish with hints of black cherry, almond and vanilla


$20.00 / btle



2009 new Vintage!! Rich full-bodied burgundy style, red wine

$16.00 / btle



Rich and deep bodied, herbal, hints of tobacco and plum - limited quantites.


$20.00 / btle "Seasonal"



American style, semi-dry merlot with a soft fruit body and a subtle finish

$15.00 / btle "Seasonal"


Cabernet Sauvignon

A full-bodied red, with layers of black cherry and dark chocolate, with hints of vanilla and cedar


$35.00 / btle



~ Prices Are Subject To Change ~